Supported projects

A selection


Minne Kersten (NL 1993)

Constant companion (2021). Minne Kersten has conducted in-depth research into grief, loss and the symbolism related to black birds, in painting, sculpture and film.  She makes spatial work: drawings and films recorded in sets she has built herself. This short film is about grief and loss with Raven as a mythological character.
[Photo: Egbert Dommering]


Puck Verkade (NL 1987)

Plague (2019). A fly fantasizes about the extinction of humanity, a surreal analogy is drawn between the tormented psyche and the exhaustion of the earth.  All this culminates in a Kafkaesque metamorphosis of the housewife into a fly. Puck Verkade realized this video installation with a mix of self-made puppets, camera work in which she plays a role, and stop motion animation techniques.
[Photo: Zabludowicz collection]


Erik van Lieshout (NL 1968)

G.O.A.T. (2017). Erik van Lieshout was invited to participate in the Kochi Muziri Biennale in India. His intention was to make a film of the public, but when he arrived the goats were still around. He set up an exhibition space as a goat stable for which he rented two goats as an alienating element to make contact. In his own chaotic way, he filmed the space, the visitors, the goats and himself to eventually produce a humorous 61-minute film that does have a head and tail, to stay in goat terms.
[Photo: the installation at Annet Gelink Gallery]


Anna Hoetjes (NL 1984)

Interface 2017. Imagine that there's always a screen between your face and the outside world. Interface by Anna Hoetjes is a short science fiction film produced by VPRO Dorst, which premiered during the Netherlands Film Festival 2017, and was subsequently screened during the Imagine Film Festival in EYE.

Video art meets the old ideal of the Gesamtkunstwerk; sound and movement transcend the boundaries of the static painterly form.

Egbert Dommering